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 What problems we solve

What problems we solve

There are over 50 health problems related to poor posture, such as back pain, leg stiffness, neck and shoulder pain. Over time, Posture problems cause pain, lower our self-esteem, damage our self-confidence, and limit our mobility and flexibility--which prevents us from doing things we enjoy.

Through our exclusive method, we help you avoid suffering from pain caused by poor posture.

Our clients live pain-free, feel lighter and are often taller than they were before working with us. Their lives are enhanced with increased flexibility and mobility. We make it easy for you to enjoy Great Posture with more Energy, Flexibility and Freedom.


Phase 1 - PAIN RELIEF and TRANSFORMATION – We suggest a 12 hour series of sessions with one of our Reposturing experts. We create a training sequence that will retrain and remodel your fascia, muscles and bones. The therapy consists of suspension stretches and strengthening exercises.

The result is freedom from pain, and you feel fit, flexible and fabulous with great posture.

Phase 2 - MAINTENANCE, REFINEMENT and PREVENTION -- After the 12th session of our trademarked Reposturing therapy, the next step is to move to our once per week Posture Optimized Fitness class, or continue our one on one Reposturing therapy for further refinement of your posture optimization process.

AI Powered

Ia to improve your posture


Our powerful software enables us to make quick and accurate assessments of your posture imbalances and pain points.



    Go &quotall out&quot, and recover quicker, with less downtime, and less risk for injuries.


    The best version of Optimized Posture enables you to go in to perfect alignment for every activity you are engaged in. Your membership at the Posture Genius Club will make it easy and effortless to have Great Posture without thinking about it.


    Posture Optimized movement makes it easy to do everything you enjoy – – with less effort.


    Reposturing suspension routines disperse muscle tension, reducing compression and pain throughout the body.


    Poor posture is related to over 50 different health conditions, many of which are preventable and reversible.


    Low self-esteem and poor body image occur when you have poor posture. This leads to depression and low productivity. Great Posture gives you confidence and personal power.


    Many of the problems we associate with a loss of natural beauty are really Posture problems in disguise. For example: rounded shoulders, saggy breasts, flabby arms, weight gain, neck lines, heavy hips and thighs.


    And poor posture inhibits the production of lymph fluid in the bones, as well as circulation of the hormones that protect us from diseases and illnesses. The bones need to be re-aligned in order for this process to occur optimally.


    Your posture tells your subconscious mind what you think about yourself. It also tells other people what to think about you. Poor posture sends the wrong messages to your brain and others about how you value yourself.

Our Reposturing Service

  • One-on-One Reposturing

    One-on-One Reposturing

    Working with a Reposturing practitioner on the Posture Genius Club team is dynamic and interactive. Informed by the AI-identified imbalances, your practitioner will analyze your walking and movement to ascertain what the days suspension sequences should entail. After your session, you will be re-measured to appreciate the changes in your posture and your body.

  • Group Reposturing

    Group Reposturing

    With a maximum of six participants, our facility is set up so that there is a different routine at each station. Participants will move from station to station, and be led through a sequence of moves for the workout. Our facility is equipped with mats, straps, bars and suspension devices for safety and maximum results.

Before and after


    Silvia Reischi B&A

    Solution: 12 Weeks


    Wiley Rankin

    Solution: 12 Weeks


    Chris Blue

    Solution: 12 Weeks



Certified reposturing practitioner training

Our proprietary REPOSTURING training program is an intensive and thorough series that each of our Reposturing experts must complete, prior to joining the Posture Genius Club staff. During their required 100+ hours of theory, practice and hands-on training, our Reposturing practitioners learn a broad spectrum of Posture Optimized stretches, exercises, suspension therapy sequences, and protocols for all ages and body types..

Certified reposturing practitioner training
About us

About Us

The Posture Genius team is comprised of health, wellness and fitness professionals with comprehensive and accredited training in the sciences of Posture and Kinesiology. Their training includes applying the trademarked Reposturing brand of suspension training in preparation for sports performance, restoring height, correcting posture imbalances, reversing premature aging, coaching for confidence, and more.


AI Powered Posture Assessment

Using artificial intelligence software, we use images to help us identify specific posture imbalances.

Custom Program Design

After the initial assessment, the Reposturing practitioner will design a training sequence just for you.

Suspension Training

I In the first session we apply a 20-30 minute sequence, to give you the experience of what it feels like to have improved posture.

Posture Optimized Strength Training

Depending on your needs, we may give you exercises to develop strength in specific muscle groups to pull and hold your body into upright alignment.

Monitoring Evolution with Artificial Intelligence

All our sessions are accompanied by a second analysis, to assess the changes and improvements in your posture.

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